Honest stories, bare struggles (Weaving Project iv)

What do you lose by making or watching a time-lapse film of a long-term, complicated work? While it can be an amusing gimmick to witness the making of a two-year work in under a minute, what is the cost to process, art, knowledge, truth?

Do we want to throw away our honest lived time for the sake of cuteness?

What about making a film of only your struggles with a work? All the stalls. All the unpicking, unravelling, undoing? All the false-starts that are behind every grand experiment?

What about a film of only you in flow, where there is no time? A film of your hands in motion with a small knit of your brow in the joyous discomfort of uncertainty?

Time-lapse films are a lie. Be certain they are a lie you want to tell about your work.

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